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The foundation of project collaboration

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Solving important challenges through collaboration - this is the very essence of what Health Works do. But successful collaboration doesn’t just happen by itself, it takes openness and dedication. Within the world of health and life science there are also many important regulations to follow to make sure interactions are ethical and transparent. The ways in which we collaborate vary depending on project needs and expectations from those we interact with. For our strategic project partnerships, we have formulated a set of principles we believe in that set the foundation for the joint work to be as valuable as possible for all involved.

Collaboration Principles

1. Common purpose

For every project, a common purpose is defined that project collaborators agree on and which directs all work. This purpose describes the challenge we set out to solve together and the value it will bring to all.

2. Real commitment

We’re in this to tackle actual health and healthcare challenges, making a real difference. We prioritise projects where there’s a clear commitment to put in the work and make the innovation a reality.

3. Equal contributions

To ensure independence in collaborations between the public, healthcare professionals and industry actors, contributions to projects must be balanced. We establish contribution plans from the onset and calibrate throughout.

4. Respect for integrity

Throughout our work sensitive topics are addressed, calling for respect, integrity and confidentiality. Everyone should always feel comfortable and confident to participate, open up and contribute.

5. Shared knowledge

All knowledge gained during a project is shared amongst project collaborators, with the objective to benefit everyone involved. This way, we can accelerate learning and innovation, steadily moving closer to our common purpose.

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